Yoga Nidra I: Immersion

In-Person in Salt Springs, Florida

Shared and Private Rooms Available | Commuter Rates Available

August 22-26, 2024

Programs Included: Yoga Nidra I: Immersion, Accomodations available. Meal Plan Available

Rest, Recharge and Recreate Your Life from the Inside Out

Utilizing the practice of Yoga Nidra this Immersion provides a unique and transformative map to life mastery where we lay out the ancient spiritual foundations of Yoga Nidra including the Kleshas, Koshas, Turiya and the science behind the brainwaves to understand how our lost connection to essential wholeness results in stress, living in unconscious repetitive karmic patterns, and robs us of our health, vitality and fullest potential. As a result of an anxious mind and tired body, conditions such as dis-ease, depression, stress, anxiety, and sleep problems set in. We can no longer access our highest self-expression and greater purpose.
Our Yoga Nidra training is considered one of the 5 major schools of Yoga Nidra, offering in-depth, high quality immersion training for the past 20 years.

The Premiere Sleep Meditation Retreat

With our exclusive five-tool approach and in-depth practice of Yoga Nidra, you will experientially empower yourself to reverse this attack and shift these undesirable effects at the causal level. You will be able to reshape your life with one of the simplest, most profound techniques ever created. To promote lasting shifts at deeper energetic and cellular levels, each teaching is accompanied by a uniquely formulated Yoga Nidra experience.


What's Included


Yoga Nidra Teacher Training at The Amrit Yoga Institute

Yoga Nidra I: Immersion – August 22-26, 2024 at AYI
Includes options for private and shared rooms/bathrooms, commuter rates and meal plans.
Space Limited

Study with Kamini Desai Ph.D.

Kamini is a master teacher. She has been teaching for over 30 years and has created a unique body of teachings combining the ancient wisdom of yoga with science and modern psychology.

Kamini is the acclaimed author of author of Yoga Nidra: The Art of Transformational Sleep and developer of the I AM Yoga Nidra app. She also authored Life Lessons, Love Lessons, which demonstrates how to use the principles of Yoga in life and in relationship via her personal life story.

Kamini is considered an expert in the inner sciences of yoga, relaxation and artful living. She is a frequent guest speaker and teacher at various nationally accredited institutions for higher learning throughout the United States, Europe and India. Her guided Yoga Nidra experiences have been used in various government institutions.

Kamini Desai

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Yoga Nidra

Programs Inlcuded

Yoga Nidra I: Immerison

Date & TIme

August 22-26, 2024


Amrit Yoga Institute
12409 NE 238th Avenue, Salt Springs FL

CE Credit Hours Available

50 Hours (Yoga Alliance) / 21 Hours of CE (APD) with IAYT

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes. This is an excellent course for any beginner to learn how to practice Yoga Nidra as well as learn its deeper purpose so that you can get the most out of your personal practice.


Yoga Nidra I alone does not qualify you to guide Yoga Nidra to others, however it is the first step towards being qualified to teach. Upon completion of BOTH Yoga Nidra I and II you will be certified to guide Yoga Nidra to others.

Accommodations & Program Costs

Prices listed include tuition for Yoga Nidra I including digital manual.


In-Person IN Salt Springs, FL

August 22-26, 2024

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